M-Note // 08.24.12 // Rev. Matt Miofsky

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Dear Gathering Community,

How are you? Wait don’t answer. I bet I can guess. You are busy. I know; I get it. My kids started school this week (3 kids at two schools). Our evenings have suddenly gotten very tight. Get up early, workout, eat, work all day, get home in time to help with an hour of homework, dinner, some practice or game, getting ready for school the next day, reading time, bed – repeat. I do not need one more thing. My wife sat down and spent an hour and half on the computer updating our iCal with all the events, games, performances, practices, recitals, parties and teacher conferences. She actually had to schedule time in her day in order to work on our schedule. Believe me, I get it. And I know you do to.

Life is busy. Some of you thrive off of it, others of you feel trapped by it, a few of you are addicted to it, a lot of you wear it as a badge of honor. But being busy can be a sin, and can get in the way of the life we were intended to live. This Sunday we will begin a new series called The Speed of Life in which we will explore the way we use and abuse the single most precious gift we have been given – our time. I hope that in the midst of your busy schedule, you can join me. I believe it will be worth it!

CoreGroups: This Sunday we will begin CoreGroup sign-ups. CoreGroups are smaller groups of people that meet regularly to grow closer to God and one another. They serve as the basic building block of our church helping us get to know others, feel connected, learn, grow and serve our community. Many people in our church are already involved in a group and we will hear some of their stories over the next couple Sundays. For the rest of you, CoreGroups may, for all sorts of reasons, sound like an impossibility. I urge you to pray about that choice staying open to learning about what CoreGroups are and what they can offer. Joining one will be a decision that you won’t regret.   

Family Ministry Kick-off: Parents, I want you to save the date, Sunday Sept. 16. That is the day we will celebrate the launch of a new kid’s ministry at The Gathering. We will have a redesigned Sunday morning kid’s ministry including small groups with options for our older elementary kids. There will be fun activities that day after worship (including the now customary bounce house) at both of our sites. I hope you will support the day by bringing your families and even some friends with kids. It will be a great day to introduce others to our community. If you have questions or want to help, email our Family Ministry Director Leslie Damann.

Faith and Politics: I received a lot of feedback about my message on faith and politics, especially in light of the week’s news surrounding the U.S. Senate race in Missouri. As a reminder, that message (and all the messages from the FAQ series) are online, including the full interview with former U.S. Senator John Danforth. I hope you will take time to listen to the messages you missed and pass them along to those you think would be interested. Once again I want to reiterate how proud I am to be pastor of our church. There are too many churches that are simply afraid to ask hard questions, admit that answers are not always clear, and challenge people’s assumptions about what is true. The past few weeks we have all allowed God’s Word to challenge our preconceived notions and shape our thinking. Thank you for being open to those conversations and my interpretation of how scripture addresses our frequently asked questions.

Ok, I look forward to seeing you this weekend…and don’t tell me you are too busy!



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