All The Details About Baptism Sunday // M-Note 8.9.2019

Dear Gathering,

This weekend is going to be a fun and meaningful one at The Gathering. We are ending our series on the book of Acts with a Baptism (and remembering your baptism) Sunday. My hope is that every one of you will participate. I know there are some questions, so I thought I would give you the low down here.

What will be happening?

Worship will flow a little differently, from sermon straight into a time of baptism. We will be doing baptism by full immersion (dunking under the water in big pools) at each site and all services. There will be an option for those with limited mobility.

So what do I wear and will I be all wet?

Yes! You will get wet, so dress accordingly (save your Sunday best for another weekend – t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops are probably the way to go for this one). We will also have towels on hand (you may also bring your own if you want), and we will give everyone who participates a Gathering t-shirt, which you may choose to put on for the baptism. Worship will end with the baptisms, so you will not have to sit wet for long. Don’t worry–we will have people guiding you each step of the way! 

What if I have already been baptized? 

We hope that especially those who have already been baptized will participate (that is a lot of us). When we put you under the water, we will invite you to remember your baptism and renew your commitment to Jesus. 

Can kids or entire families participate?

Yes! We would love that. Anyone age birth and up is welcome to be baptized, and we would love entire families to participate together.

Do I have to register? Can I decide on the spot?

If you’ve already decided on it, we would appreciate you letting us know by registering here. But, the baptismal pools will be open to anyone who feels lead in the moment.

I feel self-conscious, embarrassed and dunking underwater seems weird?

We get it. It is a little different, strange, and maybe weird. But then again, faith is different, strange, and a little weird. While we’re used to seeing people baptized as infants or with a handful of water sprinkled over their head, full immersion is an ancient way of baptizing. There is something symbolic and viscerally powerful about going under the water to proclaim or renew our faith in Jesus. So go for it; you won’t regret it. 

I think this weekend will be memorable and an incredibly meaningful one. If you are on the fence, I suggest coming ready to try it. You won’t be sorry as together we commit and recommit to following Jesus and putting faith back at the center of our lives. If you have any questions, just email one of our site pastors (McCausland, Clayton, Webster). We will see you Sunday!