Advent Devotional Day 3

Tuesday, November 29

"Lord, my heart isn’t proud;
        my eyes aren’t conceited.
    I don’t get involved with things too great or wonderful for me.
No. But I have calmed and quieted myself
    like a weaned child on its mother;
    I’m like the weaned child that is with me.
Israel, wait for the Lord—
    from now until forever from now!"

- Psalm 131


This time of year can easily become a time of noise. A time of loud parties, Mariah Carey on the radio, crowded malls, and often coming with that, a crowded mind. I find myself even in the quiet parts of my day with my mind racing with thoughts like, “Did I order that gift on Amazon?” or “Did I RSVP for that Christmas party?”. There are many years that I complain that the holidays “just flew by” because I was caught up in the racing around, without taking time to sit, reflect, and wait. But, God calls us to something (somewhat) radical for the holiday season–a calm and quiet soul. What a gift it is to have a God who encourages us to find peace amongst the chaos. What a beautiful call to redirect our energy from the “too greats” of this holiday season to the calm and humble waiting for Jesus. I know I will be reminding myself to take moments for quiet. To take in what’s around me, calm and quiet my soul, and be grateful.


Dear God,
Help us to find the calm, quiet moments this holiday season. Help us to remember to find peace amongst the chaos and to always keep you at the center of our intentions this Advent.

Written by Claire Gunn

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