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Clayton Site Producer

Job Description:

Clayton Site Producer


The Clayton Site Producer will contribute to the growth and development of the A/V ministry. This contract position (6 hours per week) reports to the Clayton Site Worship Coordinator and works in collaboration with the Technical Director. In partnership with the Clayton Site Worship Coordinator, the Clayton Site Producer is responsible for the consistency and quality of the worship experience.

Why We Exist (Vision):

The Gathering exists to create a Christian community that is compelling for new generations of people in St. Louis.

What We Do (Mission):

Our primary task is to invite new people to become deeply committed followers of Christ.

How We Do It (Practices):

We deepen our faith by following Christ through five shared practices:

  • Worship
  • Learning in CoreGroups
  • Prayer
  • Giving
  • Service


  • Train, develop, and equip volunteers in all areas of A/V to increase excellence in worship:

-Manage A/V team on a weekly basis through in-service training and guidance on all things related to Clayton specific A/V elements. 

-Provide regular constructive feedback to A/V volunteers and develop methods to continually increase the production level and dedication to the role.

-Develop and maintain personal relationships with members of the A/V community.

  • Provide monthly A/V trainings at the Clayton Site:

-Coordinate and implement monthly trainings on A/V for current and future members of the ministry team during band rehearsal.

  • Maintain and manage under the direction of the Audio/Visual Curator and Clayton Site Worship Coordinator.

-Assist with A/V, tech, lighting, IT related needs as needed at the discretion of the Clayton Site Worship Coordinator and the Audio/Visual Curator.

  • Communication:

-Meet with Audio/Visual Curator monthly.

-Meet with Clayton Site Worship Coordinator as necessary. 


As a result of this position, we expect:

  1. Increased excellence, and creativity in worship at the site.
  2. Continuous development of A/V team.
  3. Numeric growth of A/V team members.
  4. Growth in skill, ability, and commitment from A/V team members.



  • Commitment to The Gathering’s mission and vision and five shared practices.
  • Personal, growing relationship with Christ and ability to lead others in that journey.
  • Previous experience operating A/V related equipment and training teams of people.
  • Familiarity with Apple computers, software and A/V technology for worship.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Team player with ability to adapt to change quickly in a continuously growing ministry environment.

Please send applications to Neil Ostercamp at