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Whether you are considering faith for the first time or giving it another shot, Explore is a safe space for you to wander.

It is a 4 week experience revealing the foundations of our faith with an opportunity to become part of something bigger than yourself. It’s okay to be unsure because…not all who wander are lost.

The 4 weeks of EXPLORE were designed to provide a foundation of faith that allows you to make a decision about committing to both Jesus and The Gathering. (Baptism and Membership)

Each week you will hear from the pastoral leadership of the Gathering about

Week 1: Jesus

There are so many narratives about who you are and what your story is about. In Week 1, you will hear about God’s intentions for humanity and how Jesus frees you to live into those intentions now.

Week 2: The Bible

It’s a collection of books that reveal God’s interactions with generations of people, and it’s meant to provide truth, wisdom and guidance for living. At the same time it’s a book that has caused so much pain, been misunderstood and downright neglected for a long time. In Week 2, you will learn what it is, how to use it and why it is still powerful today.

Week 3: The Church

The Church started as a small group of believers who accepted a call to invite others to follow Jesus. Way more than a place you attend on Sunday, the Church started as a movement that finds it’s beauty and power in people just like you. In Week 3, you will learn how the Church began, and why you are a key figure to it’s future expansion.

Week 4: The Gathering // Commitment Service

Making a decision to follow the teachings of Jesus and becoming a part of the church is a big deal. It’s a declaration of a fresh start to life, and it deserves a party! Week 4 is a night set apart for celebration of baptism, commitment to Christian community and coming home.