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EXPLORE is a 2 week experience about the importance of connecting to the church and how to do it.


At EXPLORE you will hear from the pastoral leadership of the Gathering about:

Week 1: the Mission and Vision of the Gathering

With so many churches in the world, why does it need another?  What’s so unique about The Gathering?  Week 1 will answer that very question through a break down of our Mission and Vision statements.  It’s through those statements that we define our purpose and motivation for being this church.

Week 2Practicing faith and the importance of Commitment

Growing in our ability to live in Christ is just like anything else in the world…it takes practice.   At Week 2 we will take a look at the 5 shared practices of The Gathering and help you to navigate how to incorporate them in your life.  For those who are ready, we will also offer an opportunity to make a commitment to following the way of Jesus through baptism and membership.