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30s & 40s Men Men Mid-County Friday 6:30am We're a guys - mostly late 30s to late 40s - group that meets Friday mornings around the Webster Groves area. We talk about the sermon and our faith journey for about an hour over coffee. New members are welcome! Sign up
30s & 40s Women Women Mid-County Monday 7:00pm We are a laid back, diverse, and welcoming group where women can connect and grow together spiritually in a meaningful way! We start promptly Monday night at 7pm and end promptly at 8pm to honor your time. This fall, we will meet temporarily at the Webster site's multipurpose room and offer a virtual option to accommodate meeting safety during the pandemic. We would love to have you! Sign up
Acts in Action Young Adults St. Louis City Thursday 7:00pm HYBRID (meeting virtually and in-person) We are young-ish adult-ish group that meets on Thursdays from 7 - 8:30 PM. We emphasize thought-provoking discussion and really diving deep into what it means to live our faith and explore our doubts. This year we will focus on studying the Book of Acts and its implications for the modern church community. Each week we'll discuss passages from Acts while also sharing a meal from a minority-owned business, either in person at the business, at someone's house, or virtually depending on people's preference regarding COVID conditions. We welcome new perspectives and questions and hope you will join us this fall! Sign up
Ashworth CoreGroup Open to All Virtual Sunday 8:30pm We are a CoreGroup made up of members from three different states. We aren't afraid of real, honest conversations, but we also love to laugh as much as possible. Starting in May, we will be discussing season one of The Chosen (a television drama based on Jesus' life). We meet virtually on Sunday evenings. We hope you will join us! Sign up
Backowski CoreGroup Open to All South city Thursday 7:00pm IN-PERSON We are a small, but mighty and very welcoming group located in South City seeking to enhance our Christian understanding and relationships. We meet almost every Thursday @ 7 pm at the Backowski house (outside on the patio weather permitting) and wrap up by 8 pm. Please come join us for weekly sermon discussions, sharing, prayer, faith exploration, good conversation, and yummy snacks! Sign up
Ballwin CoreGroup Open to All Ballwin Tuesday 7:00pm Our group meetings in person primarily but we also meet on Zoom occasionally. We discuss the sermons, pray for one another as well as other concerns and often have a book or Bible study as well. We are committed to helping one another grow in our own relationships with Jesus. Sign up
Bassler CoreGroup Couples South County Monday 6:30pm We are a couples group that primarily attends the McCausland site and is family friendly. We are all at different points in our faith journey, but we love doing life together! We meet at 6:30 and generally wrap up by 7:30. We have lost a few couples this year due to moves and other commitments, so we are looking to grow our group again! Childcare is available, please reach out for the full details. Sign up
Central Corridor Friends Group Open to All Central Corridor Wednesday 7:00pm "Sometimes you wanna go Where everybody knows your name And they're always glad you came You wanna be where you can see Our troubles are all the same... You wanna be where everybody knows your name" Join the "Friends" Central Corridor Group, Wednesday evenings weekly, for candid spiritual conversation, camaraderie, cocktails, and prayer. Sign up
Clayton Lunch Group Open to All Clayton site Tuesday 12:00pm Our group is open to all. It is comprised if adults of all ages, sexes, and marital status. Many attend the Clayton site but not all. If you work or live in Clayton we're perfect for you. Sign up
Coffee, Christ, Conversation & Connection Women Mid-County Monday 6:00am Coffee, Christ, Conversation & Connection, All At 6 AM! Join this great group of women for thought-provoking, intelligent, sensitive, fun discussions about sermons, life, or what we did over the weekend! Sign up
Come As You Are Open to All Clayton Thursday 7:00 pm We are a group of men, women, married, single, young, wise(r) who mostly (but not all) attend the Clayton site. We like to discuss, challenge, share, and laugh in a safe environment for growth, introspection, learning and communal support. We look forward to learning and sharing more this year. Welcome! Sign up
Discernment & Ignation Spirituality Open to All Clayton Monday 7:00 pm The Spiritual Exercises were developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola over 500 years ago as a means to bring people into a closer relationship with Jesus and to discern the will of God. Together, our group will take a 9-month journey through the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises using the book "Journey with Jesus" by Larry Warner. Participants are asked to commit to the first 8 weeks after which they will have an opportunity to decide if they want to continue for the remaining 7 months. Participants are also asked to commit to a daily prayer practice. Group begins Sept. 13. Sign up
Divorced Women's Group Women Clayton Wednesday 7:00 pm This group is for women who are divorced and seeking community with other women who have had similar life events. Join us as we delve into the sermons and learn more about scripture. Sign up
Empty Nest Women Women St.Louis City Wednesday 9:30am Are you a women experiencing or facing empty nesting? You are welcome to share your faith, your challenges and your dreams with this new group. We can grow in faith together in this new season. Located at a home in the Central West End. We will start at 9:30 am and finish at 11:00 on Wednesday's. Sign up
Even If Men Webster Mondays 8:00 pm The name of our core group is based on the short response that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego gave to King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel chapter 3. They said that even if God didn't rescue them from being cast into the fiery furnace, their devotion to God would not change. Our group recognizes that no matter where you find yourself on your faith journey, this type of unwavering devotion to God is something to strive towards. Our group meets on Monday nights at 8 pm to discuss life with the core curriculum as a guidepost. The location of our meetings will rotate between our houses and sometimes we will meet at the Webster Groves Church site. Often our discussions lead to sharing personal experiences about navigating through the "fiery furnaces" of this world but include plenty of lighter moments around the fire pit as well. We enjoy the time we have in discussion and look forward to the new core group season. Sign up
Explore Group Open to All McCausland Wednesday 7:30 pm Join us for a 5 week small group experience where we will learn about and discuss the fundamentals of faith and how we practice them at The Gathering. We will get to know one another, answer your questions, and help you find a place to plug-in within the church. Sign up
Faith through the Lens of Special Needs Families TBD Sunday 4:00pm Hi, I am Diane Wiegel and am the mother of Ellie Wiegel. She is my 15 year old with Epilepsy and a genetic deletion that causes learning delays. I want to start a group for other parents or caregivers of special needs children. I have some good reference books for discussion. I think it would be a great way for us to get to know each other, talk about our needs and learn ways to include our kids in church. Sign up
Families & Faith Families South County Tuesday 7:00pm A group to explore and strengthen our faith. I really am looking forward to discussing faith with other folks and how it fits into our lives. This is my first group and am super excited. We will be meeting at my home in Affton on Tuesdays at 7:00pm. Sign up
Family Friendly Group Families St.Louis City Tuesday 6:45pm We are a family friendly group that meets every other Tuesday at 7 pm. We have $5 child care per child. We also have Mom's night 1x every other month, with Dad's night on opposite months. We are a diverse group of families that love doing life together, while focusing on our faith. We understand that life is full of events and it's hard to make the time, but we acknowledge that we are better when we do life together! Whether you are new to the church, New to your faith or just need a community- we would love to meet you and find out what makes you special. Contact Tracey for any further info- 314.600.0577 Sign up
Friday Refresh Open to All Virtual Friday 7:00am This Core Group offers a moment at the end of the week to revisit the messages from the Sundays sermon. Get recharged and reconnected to the major messages from the sermon and share you thoughts with others who are interested in spreading Jesus light. We'll meet early and online to start the day on positive note. Join us on the journey! Sign up
Friends in Christ (55+) Couples Clayton Tuesday 7:00 pm Varied in our backgrounds and our faith journeys, we come together for thoughtful, supportive and spirited discussions each week, encouraging one another to grow in Christ. We meet at the Clayton site on Tuesdays at 7pm (outdoor on the front lawn, weather permitting). Additionally, we will plan to zoom so those who are traveling or out of town can join. A sweet friendship refreshes the soul -Proverbs 27:9 Sign up
Hebert's Global Online CoreGroup Open to All Virtual Wednesday 7:00pm The Purpose of our CoreGroup is to join together to Support each other through Prayer, provide Hope through reading the Word and discussion, and Care for each other as we go through Life together by Providing an Online community for those who aren't able to have an in-person connection. Whether you attend service in-person or online, no matter your previous faith, church, or religious journey, we are here for you. We meet weekly on Zoom, and we are committed to meeting online so that people living outside the StL area, or aren't able to meet in person, can still join a CoreGroup. Sign up
Illinois Women Women Metro-East Tuesday 7:00pm We are a group of ladies who meet every Tuesday evening at the Rook's home in O'Fallon, Illinois from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. We try to grow and encourage each other as we share and discuss the sermons and primarily attend the McCausland site. Sign up
Keller CoreGroup Couples Mid-County Wednesday 7:00pm We're looking for more couples to meet in the mid county area. We are excited to grow in our faith and also create social get togethers where we can all learn and grow from each other. We will start at 7 and end by 8:30. Sign up
Known | Emerge Young Adults (LGBTQ+) Young Adults McCausland Site Tuesday 6:00pm Are you a young adult in the LGBTQ+ community who is ready to explore, heal wounds from the past, and grow into your future? Together, we'll tap into the integral knowing of who we are, explore our faith journey, and dig deeper into the wisdom and purpose that comes when we fully embrace and affirm our sexuality, gender identity, and faith. I hope you'll join me on Tuesday nights at 6:00pm at our McCausland site. Sign up
Let's Dig Deeper Young Adults St.Louis City Tuesday 6:30pm Our group is committed to growing in our faith by asking deep and often hard questions and coming up with solutions together. We have done book studies, spent time in the old and new testaments, and are planning a topic study on forgiveness for this fall. All who are curious or skeptical about faith, their place in the church, or just want to see what this is all about are welcome! Sign up
Living a Full Life in Recovery Open to All McCausland Site Thursday 7:00pm Part of recovery from any addiction is developing and growing your spiritual life. This group will offer support and opportunities for spiritual growth for the recovery community (regardless of the type of addiction) and will utilize the Life Recovery Bible as a starting point. As individuals we do not have the power to control our addiction, but together, and with help from our Lord, we can live happy, healthy lives. Faith without works is dead. James 2:14-26 Group will meet the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Sign up
Loyds CoreGroup Families South County Thursday 6:00pm Jesus replied, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. And Love your neighbor as yourself' We are a family friendly group that is welcome to everyone who wants to love God better and love each other better. Our goal is to be a group who can share life and faith together. We meet on Thursday evenings IN PERSON at 6pm. Located in South County about a half mile from Suson Park. *Kids of all ages are welcome and the group will adapt as needed to make sure we are meeting the needs of everyone. We are first time leaders with children ages 6 and 4 and are excited to see how this group grows in Christ together. Sign up
M7s Women Rotating Monday 7:00pm We are fun, busy ladies who make time for faith and fellowship together and primarily attend the McCausland site. Typical meetings start at 7 (we call ourselves the M7s) and finish up by 8:30. We rotate between homes. Our 30+ aged group enjoys discussing our faith and life together but balance that with social events for friendship time. We have started annual traditions like a Friendsgiving feast, a Christmas white elephant exchange, and fun summer brunches! Sign up
Miller CoreGroup Open to All Virtual Tuesday 7:30pm Are you new to The Gathering? Have you recently attended Next, and would like to find your place in this community? Check out this four week small group open to everyone. We will meet each Tuesday evening in February. Join us on Zoom at 7:30 pm. Sign up
Parents of LGBTQ+ Children Couples Webster Groves Monday 6:45pm We meet weekly to encourage, support and challenge one another as parents of LGBTQ+ children (ages high school to adult), committed to grow in our relationships with God, one another and our children. Sign up
Rad Moms Women St.Louis City Wednesday 8:00pm Our group is called the Rad Moms! We are a group of Moms of young children, supporting each other through all the ups and downs of faith and motherhood. We primarily attend the Clayton site. Our meetings are held in the Demun neighborhood. Sign up
South City Men Men St.Louis City Thursday 6:30am We meet Thursday mornings at 6:30 AM. We use the study guide as a reference, but try to spend time talking about what is important to group members and the things going on in each persons life. Some members attend every week, some come when they can. We're just a group of guys that are there for each other and enjoy doing life together. Sign up
South County CoreGroup Open to All South County Wednesday 6:45pm Our South County core group is open to everyone. We enjoy studying the Bible & sharing our thoughts, ideas & concerns with each other. Sign up
St. Charles County CoreGroup Open to All St. Charles Wednesday 6:30pm We dig deeper into the sermon messages and scriptures to better understand how they apply in our lives. We devote time to grow our relationships by celebrating, supporting and comforting each other through life's joys, trials, and challenges. Our group of couples and singles meets on Wednesday evenings about 6:30 for dinner at a local restaurant where we have conversations about faith, family and friends. We enjoy sharing our journeys through life and discussing topics of faith from recent sermon series. Sign up
Stay at Home Moms Women McCausland Monday 9:00am We are mostly a group of stay at home moms of children all ages looking to meet Monday mornings with other moms. We provide childcare for younger children but also encourage women in any phase of motherhood to attend! Due to the group leader's availability, our first meeting won't take place until Monday, September 27th. Sign up
The Seekers Open to All Clayton Wednesday 7:00 pm While traditionally a more mature group, we are "seeking" all walks of life to expand our awareness/practice of Christian principles, all the while enjoying fun fellowship in various settings (tbd). Sign up
Wednesday Gathering Women Women Ladue Wednesday 12:30pm We are an international group of open minded women of various ages. We love having candid discussions about life and faith. We are supportive, compassionate, empathetic and caring. Our group meets all year long at Nancy Hall's home in Ladue at 12:30pm Wednesday. We are looking for 2 new members. Sign up
Weekend Warriors (50+) Couples St.Louis City Sunday 1:00pm Couples aged 50 and older desiring to grow closer to God and each other through honest discussion, struggling through hard topics in the Bible together, and supporting one another in between meetings. Sign up
Wiecher CoreGroup Women Shrewsberry Tuesday 7:00pm We meet virtually now but are still supportive of one another. Despite our cautious approach to our meetings, we still seek spiritual growth. We choose books to help us expand our Biblical understanding and also take breaks from books to discuss some sermon series. Most of our members attend the McCausland Site and when we resume in-person meetings we will be in Shrewsbury. Sign up
Women of Faith (age 40+) Women St.Louis City Monday 6:00pm We are a group of women over 40 who hold each other up on faith. We start at 6:00 and try to end before 7:30. When in person, we meet at the McCausland Site. Sign up