CoreGroup Host – Tim

CoreGroups are small groups of people that meet weekly in homes throughout the city. In CoreGroup, you’ll find people who will support and encourage you, pray for you and help you know Jesus better. We know that when we Circle Up with other people to learn and talk about faith, God shows up and changes lives.

We believe so strongly in the power of CoreGroups that we want everyone to experience one. So, starting on August 25 our entire church is going to spend 6 weeks participating in what we’re calling, Circle Up. Think of it as in introduction to CoreGroups. If you are already in a CoreGroup, great, keep it going — we think this will be a powerful start to another great year. If you aren’t currently in a CoreGroup, that’s ok too! We have plenty of opportunities during Circle Up for you to join a group or start your own.

Starting your own group is actually a lot easier than you might think. CoreGroups begin with a host. A host is someone who offers a space for the group to meet and gets the conversation started. Today, we are looking for new hosts who are willing to take a step towards spiritual growth for themselves and for others. Taking the step of hosting a Circle Up CoreGroup is only a 6 week commitment, but once you try it, we have a hunch you won’t want to stop.

Host a CoreGroup