CoreGroups – Judith & Andrew

CoreGroups are small groups of people that meet weekly in homes throughout the city. In CoreGroup, you’ll find people who will support and encourage you, pray for you and help you know Jesus better. We know that when we Circle Up with other people to learn and talk about faith, God shows up and changes lives.

We believe so strongly in the power of CoreGroups that we want everyone to experience one. So, starting on August 25 our entire church is going to spend 6 weeks participating in what we’re calling, Circle Up. Think of it as in introduction to CoreGroups. 

Joining a Circle Up CoreGroup is a great step to take towards growing in your faith. Both the friendships that are built and the challenging conversations that take place in CoreGroups simply can’t be found anywhere else. Signing up for a Circle Up CoreGroup also gives you the unique opportunity to try a group for just 6 weeks. At the end of that time you are free to make a change or continue on with the group you have joined. 

Join a CoreGroup