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Facilities Caretaker

Facilities Caretaker

Part-time (20 hours/week)

The Gathering:  Who we are

Please see our general qualifications and expectations here.

Purpose of the Position:

The Facilities Caretaker has the responsibility for the appearance, maintenance, and general overall cleanliness of The Gathering sites

Reports to:

Direct Supervisor: Director of Facilities Senior Leader: Executive Director of Operations


– Dependable, responsible, and self-motivated to show initiative. Must have regular timely attendance during the stated and reported hours

– Possess excellent communication skills and a strong team player with the staff.

– Ability to reach, bend, stoop, kneel, and stand for extended periods of time. Must have the ability to lift a minimum of 40 pounds and to have complete mobility in building and grounds activities

– High School Diploma or Equivalency required

– Prior housekeeping experience preferred. References also desirable.

– Good organizational and planning skills, and an ability to delegate with staff and volunteers as needed

– Be familiar with custodial equipment (i.e.- ladders, floor buffers, carpet cleaners, vacuums, etc.)

– Ability to organize, coordinate, and schedule a cleaning routine resulting with maximum efficiency

– Conduct and present oneself as a representative of the church staff team

– Be flexible in availability to accommodate the schedule of church activities

Responsibilities and Duties:

– This position will be primarily responsible for cleaning the McCausland and the Hub locations

– Availability to clean sites at least three to four days per week and work with Director of Facilities on a schedule that meets facility needs

– Physical Cleaning of common areas including (sweeping, mopping and general cleaning)

– Taking care of the disposal of trash and maintenance of trash receptacles

– Cleaning of the restrooms including the replacement of all paper goods and soaps

– Oversight of the general cleanliness and appearance of the facility to ensure that it is always in good order and ready for service

– All other duties as assigned to support ministry needs

Other Duties:

– Periodic team projects

– Assist with facility set up and tear down

– Will maintain facility light bulb replacement for general facility lighting

– Defrost the freezers at the Hub and McCausland as needed


Why we exist (Vision):

The Gathering exists to create a Christian community that is compelling for new generations of people in St. Louis.

What we do (Mission):

Our primary task is to invite new people to become deeply committed followers of Christ.

How we do it (Practices):

We deepen our faith by following Christ through five shared practices: Worship, Learning in CoreGroups, Prayer, Giving, Service

What we value in our staff: 

Positivity, Adaptability, Innovation, Proactivity, Invitation, Equipping others

To apply for this position, please send resume to