Care Ministry

Congregational Care Instructions Amid COVID-19

We know that this is a season of great anxiety and hardship for many. We are here to help. For any immediate Care needs, please contact our Congregational Care Director at 314.646.7172 or submit your request here. If we are unable to pick-up when you call, please leave a message with your phone number and she will get back with you promptly.

For our senior and home-bound population, if you are in need of any necessities, don’t hesitate to reach out. Although we can’t make physical contact, we are assembling a team who will work in tandem to meet your needs.

Care Group class engagement is still being assessed (FPU, Divorce Care, Infertility, and Adoption/Fostering), so those of you who are in these groups, please give us a little time and your facilitators will communicate how classes move forward virtually.