Care Groups

We are pleased to be offering a series of short-term groups which we hope will meet the needs of our community.

The next session of Care Groups will begin the week of February 18th.

Divorce Care

Life does not always turn out the way we plan it.  No matter how things go, everyone needs support through the painful times of life.  Come and get support and understanding if you’ve gone through a divorce before or are going through one now.  

Silent Prayer Practice

Often when we think about meditation we think of Eastern religions, but you may not know that there is a strong history of silent prayer in the Christian tradition. Christians often attend silent retreats as a way to connect and further deepen their relationship with Jesus. Meditating on scripture, being guided through one’s imagination, or simply being silent and receptive to the still small voice of God, the fruits of the practice of silent prayer can permeate our whole lives. Come learn more about this rich and rewarding practice.

Infertility, Adoption and Foster Parenting

If you are going through infertility, pregnancy loss or are in the process of adoption you are not alone. The Gathering offers a support group for women seeking comfort during this difficult time. 

Parents of LGBTQ+ Children

Are you the parent of an LGBTQ+ individual?  Chances are, the church has not been all that helpful and possibly has hurt you.  Maybe you just want to know you are not alone in your experience. Come and experience compassion and understanding as we meet together to explore our experiences and our faith journeys.

Cancer Support Group

Our cancer support group will offer a safe space for people affected by cancer to pray together, discuss scripture and share their experiences and emotions with others in similar situations