Scripture & Stories

One of the most frequently asked questions at The Gathering is ‘what do you believe about same sex relationships?’ A few years ago, Pastor Matt Miofsky preached a sermon addressing this very topic. You can watch the message below.

“Because of this church, we have a place where LGBTQ allies and members can go to support and encourage each other.”

Check out Laura’s story about the impact The Gathering has had in her life.

One of the most compelling things we have is our story. Stories have the unique power to encourage, heal, strengthen, and connect lives. For the LGBTQ community surrounding experiences in faith, these stories often have a transformative power.

In this series, Emerge members Tricia, Gilberto, Jaclyn, and Dan share their personal journey of growing up in faith, the gift of finding acceptance, and using these experiences to create a future where God’s love prevails.


Video 1: Finding Faith and Identity
A look back at the foundations of faith and the barriers that often mark the stories of our LGBTQ community surrounding sexual and gender identity. Jaclyn, Tricia, Dan, and Gilberto share their experiences.

Video 2: Finding Acceptance at The Gathering
What happens when acceptance of who you are as an LGBTQ+ person meets recognition and acceptance by others in your faith community?

Video 3: Looking to the Future | Faith and the LGBTQ Community
“I want God to bring it.” Watch Tricia, Dan, Jaclyn, and Gilberto speak to what they wish to see for the LGBTQ community in STL and beyond.