Upcoming Events

This is our biggest weekend of the year! For all 6-12th graders (friends obviously included), Revolution Weekend is a winter camp you won’t want to miss. Over MLK Weekend, we’ll travel up to Lake Williamson for a weekend of incredible worship with a great band and speaker talking about what it means to let Jesus redefine our lives, some of the biggest games in the history of Gathering Students, small groups, low ropes, camp food, and so much more (including glowsticks)! Cost is $200 and you won’t be upset you registered!


Questions? Just email Gathering Students Pastor, Martin Leathers, at martin.leathers@gatheringnow.org

Once a year, we head out all over STL from 8 pm-8am for an all nighter. On October 25th-26th we will be out at the City Museum, playing demolition ball, competing in broomball at the Webster Hills Ice Rink, and more. Travel will be via school bus. Cost is $55 and all 6-12th graders are invited (friends too!). Space is limited and registration opens Monday morning, September 23rd.