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Bummed that our mission trips to Milwaukee and Indianapolis got cancelled? Us too! But just because the trip was cancelled doesn’t mean the mission was too. Join us from Sunday, July 19th, to Friday, July 24th for our Live the Mission Summer Experience 2020. Each day we’ll have short videos, daily devotions, at home and around our city projects, fun games, and more that can all be done from home or at a responsible distance with friends. You’ll be staying in your own house, but feel free to blow up an air mattress to make it feel like our regular trips. It’s completely FREE, but you do have to register at the link here. Pick up all of your supplies on July 19th from our Webster site so that on Monday morning you’re ready to go.

Questions? Just email Gathering Students Pastor, Martin Leathers, at martin.leathers@gatheringnow.org

Sunday Night

Video message

day zero guide and reflections

Monday Morning

Video message

day ONE guide and reflections

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

Zoom Evening Shenanigans

Tuesday Morning

Video message

day TWO guide and reflections


Wednesday Morning

Video message

day THREE guide and reflections

Thursday Morning

Video message

day FOUR guide and reflections

Friday Morning

Video message

day Five guide and reflections

Once a year, we head out all over STL from 8 pm-8am for an all nighter. On October 25th-26th we will be out at the City Museum, playing demolition ball, competing in broomball at the Webster Hills Ice Rink, and more. Travel will be via school bus. Cost is $55 and all 6-12th graders are invited (friends too!). Space is limited and registration opens Monday morning, September 23rd.