The Literacy Project

The Literacy Project pairs volunteers with kindergarten and first grade students at Peabody Elementary and Washington Elementary.

Mentors work one on one with the same student every week from October through April. We provide clear, easy to follow curriculum and all necessary materials. Our commitment to excellent training ensures you are prepared to be a strong mentor for our students. The Literacy Project runs 12 sessions every week between our two schools.

In addition to mentoring, you can get involved by:

  • Providing staff appreciation [link to sign ups] at our schools
  • Volunteering to go on a field trip with a classroom at one of our schools
  • Working in the Peabody Library
  • Reading to a classroom
  • Organizing books for My Own Library
  • Volunteering at a school event

To inquire about any of the above options, please contact Melissa Baum.