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McCausland Gathering Kids Nursery Care Provider

McCausland Gathering Kids Nursery Care Provider
Reports to Gathering Kids Site Leader

Responsibilities: A Gathering Kids Nursery Care Provider. . .

  • Engages:
    • Greets families and kids by name and at their level upon entry. Personally receives each child
    • Provides care-givers brief recaps of positive behaviors and experiences of kids during their time in the nursery (as needed or requested)
    • Shares joy for watching children and invites families to return the following week
    • Encourages children to 1) know God’s name and 2) know that God loves them
    • Possesses and shares a love for God’s story in the Bible
    • Provides a compelling environment for families and children to learn and have fun, utilizing curriculum, videos, songs, crafts as appropriate by age.
    • Cooperates with Gathering volunteers assisting in the nursery
    • Shares disciplinary information with site leader in a timely manner and in in a private setting, as needed
  • Prepares:
    • Cleans, organizes, and prepares nursery for use during our weekend worship experiences and events
    • Sanitizes toys after each weekly use
    • Puts toys, games and supplies away in organized fashion
    • Inventories nursery supplies (diapers, wipes, bubbles, etc.) and coordinates purchase of needed items with the Gathering Kids Site Leader
  • Ensures safety:
    • Abides by our Safe Sanctuary policy at all times
    • Maintains current American Heart Association CPR training for infants and children
    • Requires necessary check-in/check-out tags for entry into the nursery by all parties. (primarily for parents dropping off and picking up kids from the nursery)
    • Communicates promptly with the site leader when a caregiver attempts to pick up a child without the required security tag
    • Demonstrates knowledge of all procedures and access points to the nursery in case of an emergency (fire, tornado, earthquake, intruder, etc)
  • Protects:
    • Disposes of all diapers, wipes, tissues, and products appropriately
    • Practices high standard of hygiene in changing diapers, wiping noses, and washing hands
    • Follows Safe Sanctuary Policies at all times, paying particular care to adhere to rules regarding bathroom use
  • Scheduling
    • Routinely works Sundays from 8:15AM-12:15PM 
    • Works special services as needed i.e. Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Christmas Eve, etc.
    • Provides Gathering Kids Site Leader two weeks notice of Sundays off

Supervision of a Gathering Kids Nursery Care Provider looks like . . .

A Gathering Kids Nursery Care Provider directly reports to his or her Gathering Kids Site Leader. As Supervisor, the Gathering Kids Site Leader will:

  • Confirm presence at site during weekend worship, special events, and other times as needed
  • Ensures Gathering Kids Nursery Care Provider has needed supplies for nursery
  • Address conflicts and works with Gathering Kids Nursery Care Provider to create plans to help kids succeed in the nursery

To apply for this position, please send resume to