Mission to provide clean water throughout Mozambique

The Gathering has a strong partnership with the people of Mozambique. Since 2009, we have helped build 43 safe water wells throughout the country. Today, we continue to seek ways to walk alongside one another as sisters and brothers in Christ.

In Mozambique, what began as a $15,000 offering from The Gathering to build one well that provided clean water for one community has turned into nearly $500,000 to build 79 wells throughout the entire country. 29 of those were built in 2016 alone. We hope to do no less in 2017!

A well is a life-changing alternative for women and children who typically walk an hour or more to collect water for the day. It not only reduces the possibility of water-borne illness, it frees up time for children to go to school and women to take on work that pays. Safe water turns a community around, physically, educationally and economically. It gives new life.