Summer Bible Study

How to Read the Bible from The Bible Project

As the foundational text of our faith, it is crucial that we find a way to approach The Bible with curiosity, awe, and understanding. This curriculum is based on a series of videos produced by The Bible Project, which explain that, “while the Bible is one unified story, it cannot all be read in the same way. The ‘How to Read the Bible’ series walks through each literary style found in the Bible, and how each uniquely contributes to the overall book.” This study will not teach you how to interpret the Bible, rather the aim is to give you an overview of the text itself, so you better understand the who, what, when, where, and how of the stories within it. 

In addition, each member of your CoreGroup will commit to a daily Bible reading plan. You may all choose to read the same plan or you may all want to choose your own.  There are many to choose from!  We will provide you a list of some of your options but know that there are many others that may suit you or a member of your group.

Your CoreGroup will not watch the “How to Read the Bible” series in its entirety, but you can find it here. You can also review or use these exhaustive video notes

As a group you will assume:

  • Everyone in the group has a different experience with the Bible.
  • This is an opportunity to see the Bible with fresh eyes.
  • This is not about trick questions or putting anyone on the spot. 
  • Everyone will bring an open mind, ready to learn and grow. 

How is the curriculum structured?

  • Each week will center around 2 Bible Project videos.  Videos are each 6 minutes or less in length. 
    • You can watch the videos in real-time together.  Zoom allows you to share your screen. 
    • Videos can also be watched prior to your meeting.
  • Group members will write down a response, reaction, or question to share.
  • It will likely be helpful to speak in turns, so that everyone has a chance to share their thoughts or observations. 
  • Each week also includes questions as a guide for conversation. 
  • While not necessarily part of the weekly discussion, the discussion will be fuller if every person in the group is also participating in their own Bible reading plan. 
  • If you feel you would like more support as the weeks go on, feel free to reach out to Jaclyn Belt ( 

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six