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The Literacy Project Director

The Literacy Project Director
Part Time, Non-Exempt
Reports to Executive Director of Ministry


Please read about our church and qualifications that apply to all staff here.


PROFESSIONALLY, The Literacy Project Director is a . . .
• Leader: Establishes, communicates, and executes a clear vision for impacting literacy in our City
• Advisor: Assists the Executive Team in making strategic decisions impacting The Gathering’s approach to local mission and outreach
• Equipper: is passionate about the recruitment, development, training and support of those serving in our City
• Bridge Builder: looks for ways to connect people in order to facilitate new, supportive relationships
• Advocate: discerns the needs in our City, particularly as they relate to literacy, and determines effective ways to address those needs
• Storyteller: identifies stories that need to be told and finds effective ways to share them

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Literacy Project Director. . .

• Builds teams: accurately assesses the human resources required to maintain and enhance The Literacy Project and utilizes The Gathering’s Leadership Pipeline model to fully resource and manage the details of The Literacy Project
• Develops: Provides excellent volunteer training that equips volunteers to serve as effective reading mentors and is reinforced through coaching and regular service learning opportunities
• Partners: Strengthens relationships across administration, staff, and teachers; cultivates community partnerships for the purposes of maximizing impact
• Evaluates: Measures success of current program, shares outcomes, and finds ways to improve
• Is Strategic: identifies new and effective ways to expand and increase The Gathering’s impact on literacy throughout our region
• Connects: Provides meaningful ways to connect people to opportunities to engage in the practice of Serving
• Is present: maintains a visible presence among staff, within the community, and at weekend worship

SUCCESS as The Literacy Project Director is defined by . . .

• Growth in breadth: The Gathering becomes known for developing and implementing an effective, replicable model to address the issue of literacy throughout St. Louis
• Growth in depth: a growing number of reliable, effective, and aligned volunteers are serving in The Literacy Project and beyond
• Empowerment: Quantitative improvement in literacy scores in our City coupled with students feeling empowered through both education and relationships

SUPERVISION of The Literacy Project Director looks like . . .

The Literacy Project Director is a Central Staff position. The Literacy Project Director reports to the Executive Director of Ministry and serves on the Central Ministry Team.

To apply for this position, please send resume to