Tim Biggs’ Easter Story

Easter can change your life. For Tim, a simple invitation transformed his life in ways he never expected.

Easter is a celebration of hope, but the first Easter didn’t start out hopeful. Instead, Easter started in a time of isolation, loneliness and disappointment. Easter crashed into a world that seemed dark, and pointed to a new day that was just beginning to dawn.

If you know someone who needs this message of hope invite them to join us on Easter. We will be holding 3 services on Facebook Live, Youtube, and The Gathering On Demand. Tune in on Sunday, April 12 at 9:00, 10:45 am, or 5:00 pm. 

No matter where you live, what time zone you are in, or whether you can whether or not you can get out of the house, now EVERYONE can join us for an hour dedicated to hope!