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Webster Gathering Kids Site Director

Webster Gathering Kids Site Director

Full-Time, Non-Exempt (40 hours / week)

The Gathering:  Who we are

Please see our general qualifications and expectations here.

Webster Gathering Kids Site Director:  Who we are looking for

Professionally, a Gathering Kids Site Director is a . . .

  • Talent scout: is able to successfully recruit and develop volunteers to lead and serve within Gathering Kids.
  • Team-builder: is passionate about the development, training, and support of those who teach and lead our children.
  • Relationship-builder: connects with individuals both young and old in an authentic and meaningful way.
  • Effective communicator:  able to clearly communicate (to kids, care-givers, and the congregation) our Vision, as well as the specific means by which we intend to accomplish our Mission.
  • Strategist: is able to think strategically about goals, outcomes, benchmarks, and best practices for ministry.
  • Equipper: is able to relate to care-givers, and provide effective and practical ways to empower them to be the spiritual leader of their children.

Responsibilities:  A Gathering Kids Site Director . . .

  • Builds teams: accurately assesses the human resources required to provide excellent kids ministry, and recruits the necessary staff and lay leaders to fulfill those requirements.
  • Develops leaders:  identifies individuals with unique skills and capacity, and equips them to be effective leaders in ministry.
  • Reviews: becomes familiar with curriculum and is aware of all needed resources for its effective execution each week.
  • Schedules: determines staffing needs for our weekend worship experience and schedules adequate leaders and volunteers to prepare materials, organize supplies, arrange classrooms, and teach lessons.
  • Implements: guides team toward the effective teaching of age level benchmarks.
  • Prepares:  Ensures all Gathering Kids areas are ready to receive children by overseeing volunteers assigned to clean, organize spaces, and prep materials.
  • Collects data: tracks and reports weekly attendance in all age groups.
  • Connects: in collaboration with other Gathering Kids Site Directors, creates events and opportunities for families to connect, both within and across Sites.
  • Communicates: follows up in a timely manner on inquiries from both new and committed families, as well as interested leaders and volunteers; promptly answers email and phone messages.  Reaches out to families regularly during the week to share events, resources, and words of encouragement.
  • Ensures safety: complies with The Gathering’s Safe Sanctuary policy.

Success of a Gathering Kids Site Director defined by . . .

  • Growth in breadth:  an ever-increasing number of kids will be attending weekly worship and special events.
  • Growth in depth:  a growing number of kids will move from casual participation to deeply devoted followers of Christ.
  • Volunteer development:  a growing number of reliable, effective, and aligned volunteers are sustaining the ministry.
  • Discipleship: kids will participate in our five shared practices of worship, learning, prayer, service, and giving.
  • Effective Curriculum: execution of a curriculum and style of teaching that ensures kids are engaged and meeting learning benchmarks.
  • Palpable excitement: shared enthusiasm among adults and a felt sense of excitement among kids to such an extent that kids are begging their parents to come to church.

Supervision of a Gathering Kids Site Director looks like . . .

A Gathering Kids Site Director directly reports to his or her Site Pastor.  Site Pastors will provide supervisory oversight that includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Confirming consistent presence during weekend worship, special events, and other times as needed.
  • Keeping adequately informed about Site Leader’s goals, priorities, and duties.
  • Ensuring Site Leader is developing an adequate team to support ministry at the Site.
  • Sharing with Site Leader what is on the horizon in the life of the church.
  • Addressing performance deficiencies and moral failures.
  • Conducting Site Leader’s performance evaluations.
  • Approving time off requests.

The McCausland Gathering Kids Site Director provides ministry leadership direction to Gathering Kids Team. Ministry leadership direction includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Communicating goals and strategic priorities
  • Setting age level benchmarks and implementing curriculum that is designed to achieve those benchmarks
  • Providing training and ensuring compliance with our Safe Sanctuary policy.
  • Providing tools for effective ministry
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the needs and unique challenges at each Site, and suggesting appropriate and effective solutions
  • Consulting on the hiring of ministry support staff
  • Visiting Site on a periodic basis and providing prompt and clear feedback regarding observations and experiences during visit

To apply, please submit cover letter and resume to