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Webster Gathering Kids Site Director

Position: Gathering Kids Site Director

Location: Webster Site


The Gathering is a fast-growing multi-site church located in the St. Louis metropolitan area. We are seeking a Director of Kids Ministry. This person will have a passion for introducing kids to Jesus, heart for reaching new people, and a commitment to equipping others for ministry. The ideal candidate will be a strategic thinker who is also able to manage the details of a large and growing ministry. A Bachelor’s degree and knowledge of foundational Biblical stories and principles is required. Please see our general qualifications and expectations here. To apply, please submit cover letter and resume to


  • Talent scout: is able to successfully recruit and develop volunteers to lead and serve within Gathering Kids.
  • Developer: is passionate about the development, training, and support of those who teach and lead our children.
  • Relationship-builder: connects with individuals both young and old in an authentic and meaningful way.
  • Effective communicator: able to clearly communicate (to kids, care-givers, and the congregation) our Vision, as well as the specific means by which we intend to accomplish our Mission.
  • Strategist: is able to think strategically about goals, outcomes, benchmarks, and best practices for ministry.
  • Equipper: is able to relate to care-givers, and provide effective and practical ways to empower them to be the spiritual leader of their children.


  • Builds teams: accurately assesses the human resources required to provide excellent kids ministry, and recruits the necessary staff and lay leaders to fulfill those requirements.
  • Develops leaders: identifies individuals with unique skills and capacity, and equips them to be effective leaders in ministry. Guides team toward the effective teaching of age-level benchmarks.
  • Connects: follows up in a timely manner on inquiries from both new and committed families, as well as interested leaders and volunteers; promptly answers email and phone messages.  Reaches out to families regularly during the week to share events, resources, and words of encouragement.
  • Supports: works to align site ministry with the vision of the church; respects decisions made centrally and executes ministry in line with those decisions; collaborates with the Kids Ministry Team to execute large events, including volunteer training.
  • Schedules: determines staffing needs for our weekend worship experience and schedules adequate leaders and volunteers to prepare materials, organize supplies, arrange classrooms, and teach lessons.
  • Prepares: implements systems for familiarizing team members with weekly curriculum and acquiring all needed resources for its effective execution each week. Ensures all Gathering Kids spaces are safe and ready to receive children by overseeing volunteers assigned to clean, organize, and prepare spaces and materials.