What You Don’t Know About The Gathering

Over the last six months, in breweries and churches, on Monday and Thursday nights people from The Gathering have been on a journey. First, they attended Next to learn about where The Gathering is headed, where we’ve been, and why they already belong. After that, they went to Explore. Over four weeks they shared meals, explored what it means to follow Jesus, and had the opportunity to commit to becoming members of this church.

We are bursting with excitement over the fact that at the end of this journey 78 people decided to become members of The Gathering and 2 people were baptized!

This journey was just the beginning of the adventure of follow Jesus. We feel extremely grateful that The Gathering was able to play a part in the story God is writing in these lives.

If you want to learn more about The Gathering, grow in your relationship with God, or become a member of The Gathering we’d love to have you! Next is happening again on June 24 and we would love to see you there.