One Church.
Multiple Locations.

Through our willingness to live out God's unqualified love and radical acceptance of all people, the church has grown to have impact both locally and globally. For that very reason, we have strategically implemented a multi-site model that allows us to bring our fresh perspective to several locations throughout St. Louis and beyond.

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Fall is right around the corner and CoreGroup season is upon us! With new and old groups starting back up, be sure to check out all CoreGroups has to offer.

Why CoreGroups? Here at The Gathering we prioritize two things: worship and being in a group.  We believe that you can't become the best version OF yourself BY yourself.  That's where groups come in. CoreGroups are your community of 8-10 people who meet for the purpose of reflection, spiritual growth and friendship.

Check out upcoming groups by clicking the button below, or browse our CoreGroup page by clicking the image!

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