We believe that you can't become the best version of yourself by yourself.
That's where groups come in.

What type of group are you looking for?

Ongoing groups that meet for the purpose of deep reflection, spiritual growth and friendship.
Short-term groups that gather together to heal, learn, and share life experiences.
Three week opportunity to "taste & see" what group life is all about.

“My CoreGroup became my best friends!”

- Amy Sanders

“Joining a group was a game changer for us.”

- CG Member

"CoreGroup is my absolute favorite place to go!"

- Gathering Member

We are built for connection,

and right now we need it more than ever.

CoreGroups are continuing to meet, adhering to safety guidelines, whether in person, virtually, or a hybrid of both. If you are not in a group, now’s a great time to join one. We would love to help get you in a group, or have you start a new group!