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CoreGroup leaders don't have to be teachers or experts. They are, though, individuals dedicated to growing in their faith and leadership.
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Simply Christmas - Week 1 Discussion Guide
November 25th, 2023
CoreGroup Guide | Simply Christmas - Week 1Guide written by Denee Bowers and Jenny HuffmanWelcomeIn the first week of this series we are thinking about being present. It can be easy to get caught up in gift giving, travel details, and party planning, but God is calling us to something much less complicated. This Christmas could look completely different if we are able to focus our minds and hearts...
One: Finding Unity in a Divided World - Week 3 Discussion Guide
November 18th, 2023
CoreGroup Guide | ONE: Finding Unity in a Divided World - Week 3Guide written by Dan HuttiWelcomeThis sermon series has focused on the concept of unity, which Pastor Matt defined as “maintaining a posture of love across difference.” This week we are discussing how to deal with division. What do we do in the face of division? Are our divisions more important than our relationships? In some cases, t...
ONE: Finding Unity in a Divided World - Week 2 Discussion Guide
November 10th, 2023
CoreGroup Guide | ONE: Finding Unity in a Divided World - Week 2Guide written by Chris Burford and Dan HuttiWelcomeNow this is a true story.  In 1936, there was a man named Edward who fell in love with a woman who had been divorced twice.  There was a policy in place at Edward's job that forbade them from marrying.  So, Edward weighed the pros and cons of that job and decided to part ways in order...
ONE: Finding Unity in a Divided World - Week 1 Discussion Guide
November 3rd, 2023
CoreGroup Guide | ONE: Finding Unity in a World of Division - Week 1Guide written by Dan Hutti and Chris BurfordWelcomeIn a world that is so divided along cultural issues, politics, money, and faith, how do we find unity with people that are different than us? Does unity even matter? The Bible urges us to live in unity with one another but that seems impossible in a world of division. In this seri...
No Regrets - Week 4 Discussion Guide
October 27th, 2023
Core Group Guide   No Regrets - Week FourWritten by: Sherrill Wall & Jenny HuffmannWelcomeThis is the final week of our series, No Regrets.  In this series we have looked at the way we handle mistakes, and we have considered three essential steps in moving forward in relationships with God and with others.  The first step is recognizing and owning our mistakes.  Pastor Charity defined obstacles we...