Blessing Bags

Blessing Bags contain a simple, practical collection of items for people who are unhoused or in need of basic necessities. These items are intentionally selected and packed into a large zip loc bag, making them easy to keep in your car and offer to those you meet. It's not a new idea, but it is a small way that you can share what you have with someone else.

For CoreGroups, we hope this is an activity you can do together. Collect funds, make a shopping trip, or have each member bring an item from the list. Bags can easily be packed during one of your meetings. You could also take time to pray together for those in our city who are unhoused, facing difficult situations, and in need of support.

To get you going we have a couple of resources. First, we have about 25 Blessing Bags already put together. I have left some at each of our three sites. If the visual, tactile example is helpful to you pick one up at the Connections area at your site. Inside the sample bags will be a print out of the recommended shopping list (included below).

I hope your group will participate. We have over 80 CoreGroups, which means we have the potential to share a little bit of hope and encouragement with a lot of people throughout our city.

If your group gets in on the action I would love to hear about it! Take some pictures, count up how many bags you put together, and let me know.

Shopping List

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