CoreGroup Leader Role

CoreGroup Leader Role

CoreGroup leaders create space for and facilitate meaningful conversations in a safe and welcoming environment where people are inspired to grow in their relationships with Jesus and others.

Ideally, all group members will be helping each other grow and take spiritual next steps. Your role as the host is to build that expectation into your group and then encourage the fulfillment of it. At the end of your meeting group members should feel cared for and view their experience as positive and transformational.

You are responsible for:
  • Meet with your group weekly to facilitate meaningful discussion, encourage, lead, and pray with your group members.
  • Cultivate an environment of trust and vulnerability by holding members accountable to consistent attendance.

  • Contact new people who sign up for your group within 48 hours to welcome them and provide them with meeting dates, locations, or Zoom link to join.
  • Communicate important group updates and CoreGroup ministry information with your members and your coach in an effective and timely fashion.
  • Respond to communication from your coach promptly and in a timely fashion.

  • Participate in one-on-one meetings with your coach.
  • Attend CoreGroup leader events.
  • Make your presence in worship a priority.

You can expect:
  • A coach to walk with you, develop you and create accountability for your own spiritual development as you lead others.
  • The Gathering to connect interested people in your group in a timely manner. As well as advertise and promote your group in the app, on the website, and anywhere else that is appropriate.

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