Gospel of Luke Reading Plan

As we explore the vision and teachings of Jesus over the course of this 5 week sermon series, we invite you to spend time reading through the Gospel of Luke using the following plan. Maybe you’ve never read a Gospel all the way through before. Or, maybe you have but it’s been a long time. No matter your background, we believe there is opportunity for fresh perspective on Jesus when we take time to read and connect directly with the text and, through it, with Jesus himself.

Luke is a book characterized by careful attention to detail and an underlying tone of joy. While Luke likely didn’t know Jesus personally, he was a dedicated convert in the early church who accompanied Paul on mission trips and who recognized the need for a carefully researched account of the life of Christ. It includes many familiar stories also found in other Gospels and focuses on relationships and character descriptions making it a very approachable book.
Week 1: 1-6
Week 2: 7-11
Week 3: 12-16
Week 4: 17-20
Week 5: 21-24

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