Legacy Giving

The Church is the hope of the future and is designed to raise up new generations of Jesus’ followers. One way to accomplish this at The Gathering is through leaving a legacy.
There’s something humbling about the fact that we are all simply stewards of the world God gave us, trying to make the greatest positive impact we can while we’re here. And on this journey, we discover people and places that shape our identity and give us hope. The Gathering invites you to be part of FOR ALL TIME - by making a planned gift that will ensure new generations will become deeply committed followers of Christ for years to come.
Legacy Gifts have a powerful impact on ministry

  • Will or Trust - designate a dollar amount or percentage of an estate
  • Retirement Plan - name The Gathering as beneficiary to a portion or all of a 401k, IRA, etc.
  • IRA Rollover - if 70½ or older, make tax-free IRA charitable rollover gifts of up to $100,000 per year
  • Life Insurance Policy - Transfer ownership of paid policy or name The Gathering as beneficiary with proceeds exempt from estate tax
  • Stocks/Appreciated Assets - transfer assets owned for at least one year and retain advantages such as capital gains tax avoidance

For information on additional giving options such as legacy gifts that pay you income or protect your assets, email dave.dietrich@gatheringnow.org.

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