Licensed Professionals

This list contains individuals and agencies recommended by our Pastoral staff, Care Ministry staff, or members in our congregation.
Professionals listed here are those with whom people we trust have had good experiences. 
The Gathering and its staff have no financial relationship with any of the individuals or entities listed.


Suicide & Crisis Lifeline:  Call or text 988. The Lifeline provides 24-hour, confidential support to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Call 911 in life-threatening situations.

Blackline:; Call or text 1(800) 604-5841 for peer support, counseling, or to reporting the mistreatment or systemic oppression of people who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color).
A LGBTQ+ & Black Femme-informed crisis support line for BIPOC persons by BIPOC persons.

Counseling Agencies:

Individual Counselors/Specialities

  • Katheryn Barton, LPC, NCC (Uplift Counseling and Mediation, St. Louis): premarital counseling, therapy for couples and LGBTQ+ persons; works well with deaf individuals and couples: Call (314) 325-4922
  • Meghan Briestansky, LPC, PSC (Comprehensive Clinical Solutions): Counseling for kids (ages 6-13), teens, families, and individuals with specialties including anxiety, depression, impulse control disorders, education & learning disabilities, family conflict, parenting, and trauma. Only sees clients via telehealth. Takes several insurance providers. Call (804) 773-9104
  • Amy Brown, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S (St. Louis): virtual individual counseling for children & adolescents dealing with anxiety, grief, divorce, trauma, and depression, with a speciality in play therapy: Call (636) 697-5892
  • Katie Bohn, LPC, BC-DMT, SEP (Emovere LLC, St. Louis): individual therapy, specializing in dance/movement and somatic therapy with persons experiencing trauma, anxiety/depression, chronic pain, and communication issues: Call (314) 451-1273
  • Tabor Burke, PLPC, NCC (St. Louis): counseling for individuals and families, specializing in co-parenting, couples therapy, and family systems: Call or text (314) 384-6547
  • LaTrice L. Dowtin, Ph.D., LCPC, NCSP, RPT (Playful Leigh Psyched, Missouri telehealth only): counselor & play therapist who specializes in fertility, adoption, and fostering, perinatal, NICU, and trauma populations, working with BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and linguistically marginalized persons; fluent in American Sign Language: Call or text Dr. Dowtin at (202) 838-7529
  • Stephanie Garbee, LPC (St. Louis Counseling Center, St. Louis): works with children, teens, and adults; trained in attachment disorders: Call Stephanie at 314-884-0216
  • Steffeny Feld, LCSW (Kaleidoscope Counseling, St. Louis):EMDR-trained; specialities include religious trauma, chronic illness & medical trauma, counseling for religious leaders and therapists, LGBTQ+ mental health: Call/text Steffeny at (314) 623-2393
  • Kathleen Godefroid, PLPC (Revision Christian Counseling, St. Louis): EMDR-trained; specialities include faith-informed support for women, anxiety, complex trauma, and emotional abuse: Call (314) 802-6232
  • Marilyn Holmes, LPC, ATR-BC (Radzom Counseling, Edwardsville, IL): in-person & telehealth individual counseling; board-certified, trauma-informed art therapy and abuse recovery work, specializing in domestic violence, gender identity, and work with the LGBTQ+ & BIPOC communities: Call (618) 248-2040, ext. 45
  • David T. Koch, LPC (St. Louis): individual counseling with specialities in building healthy sexual connections, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and chemical & behavioral addictions; faith-informed, if desired: Call (314) 887.7706
  • Emily Lombardo, LCSW (St. Louis): individual, LGBTQ+-informed counseling for young people and teens dealing with anxiety, perfectionism, and eating disorders: Call (314) 671-0603
  • Michael (Mike) Midiri III, LCSW (St. Louis): individual, LGBTQ+-sensitive, BIPOC-aware individual counseling for teens, adults, and the elderly, specializing in EMDR, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, family and relationship issues, suicidal ideation & self-harm, complex trauma, and LGBTQ+ concerns: Call (314) 350-5916
  • Kelly Pittman, LCSW (Cozy Corner Counseling, St. Louis): Queer-identifying; anxiety counseling for LGBTQ+ & cis, het teens, women, and non-binary individuals: Call (314) 502-9460
  • Libby Ryan, PLPC (Midstory Counseling, St. Louis): Individual therapy specializing in stress & anxiety, life transitions, and adult children of narcissistic parents: Call (314) 804-0739
  • Nicki Schoonover, LCSW (Encouraged Journey, St. Louis): individual counseling for adolescents and young adults, with speciality in self-injury, trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety: Call (314) 649-8737
  • Amy Stark, LCSW (St. Louis City & County): individual therapy specializing in religious and childhood trauma, anxiety, marital therapy , work with couples, adults, and LGBTQ+ persons: Call (314) 971-5272
  • Julia Stevens, LCSW (Take Heart Psychotherapy, St. Louis): therapy for couples and individuals, with specialities including pre-marital work, therapy concerning affairs and sexual issues, blended families, and trauma: Call (314) 749-0716
  • Elise Vesser, LCSW (The Therapy Forest, St. Louis): Queer and neurodivergent-identifying; EMDR-trained; individual counseling for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and LGBTQ+ persons dealing with trauma: Call (636) 751-8486

Substance Abuse

  • Behavioral Health Response - crisis support, telephone counseling, and mental health resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Call 988, or (314) 469-6644
  • Bridgeway Behavioral Health – 10 locations through St. Louis City, County, and beyond
  • Cometrea (South St. Louis County/Jefferson County) – (877) 266-8732
  • Centerpointe Hospital (St. Charles County) – 24/7 number (636) 896-9679
  • PreventEd (St. Louis & Franklin Counties): adult & adolescent substance abuse assessment, counseling, and referral program
  • Queen of Peace Center (Catholic Charities of St. Louis): family-centered treatment/prevention/education/housing for women, children, and families affected by substance abuse recovery: Call (314) 531-0511

LGBTQ+ Support: Individuals and Families

All individual counselors listed above are LGBTQ+-informed

Sexual Addiction/Disorders

  • David T. Koch, LPC (St. Louis): individual counseling with specialities in building healthy sexual connections; faith-informed, if desired: Call (314) 887-7706
  • Jessica Naslund, LCSW (St. Louis): certified sexuality educator & clinical social worker specializing in the areas of sexuality, gender identity, intimacy, communication, and trauma, along with supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities when it comes to sexuality and trauma: Call (314) 991-0100, ext. 736
  • Linda Weiner, LCSW individual, couples relationship & sex therapy: Email: or Call (314) 588-8924

Support  for Older Adults

  • My Circle - Senior living assistance services focused on supporting older adults wanting to age in place and their families. Call (314) 780-0045

Support Groups

Grief Support Groups