Literacy Project

"I have seen tremendous growth in the students that the mentors have helped. Not only academically, but in their confidence as well!"

- Shamone Green, 1st Grade Teacher, Normandy Schools Collaborative

The Literacy Project has expanded
to FOUR schools for
the 2023-2024 School Year!

Volunteer Opportunities

Mentor (100+ needed!): Works one-on-one with a kindergarten or first grade student on literacy lessons and reading concepts (all materials and training provided) while building a meaningful relationship with the student. No education experience necessary!
Teacher Appreciation Coordinators: Plans monthly treats and surprises for faculty and staff at our partner schools. They do not design and create all the treats, but instead coordinate groups (Core Groups, etc.) to commit to each month.
My Own Library Coordinators: Each month, we will provide a book to every student in the classes in which we have mentees. The My Own Library Coordinator works with teachers monthly in selecting books for their students, places the order with our local partners, arranges for delivery, etc.

Ministry Highlights '22-'23

There were so many notable moments this past school year!
A few stood out and we want to share in celebration!

524 books were donated to 131 students across 3 of our partner schools

132 Personalized Holiday Gifts Delivered to Teachers & Staff!

56 Mentors, My Own Library, and Teacher Appreciation Volunteers

Donated $10,000 to Washington Elemiddle to upgrade technology in the school’s library and STEM Lab.

More About The Literacy Project

Michelle Burford

Literacy Project Director
The Literacy Project is The Gathering’s ministry that pairs volunteer reading mentors with kindergarten and first grade students at schools in the St. Louis Public Schools and the Normandy Schools Collaborative.

Mentors work one-on-one with the same student every week from October through April. Using best practices in literacy instruction and child development, we help students develop early literacy skills. However, the power of this program lies not only in helping students improve their reading, but also in the authentic relationships formed between mentors and mentees.

We work to build mutually beneficial partnerships with schools and to truly become a part of the school communities. We support teachers and staff in their efforts to nurture students’ gifts and abilities and empower them to succeed.