Open – Week 2: Open to Generosity

Oct 24, 2021    Rev. Matt Miofsky
There are moments in our lives when we will face a choice – will we continue doing what we’ve always done or will we take a step toward a new future? This is one of those moments. Will you be open to what lies ahead?
To be OPEN is at the heart of who we are called to be. It takes a willingness to listen, to be disrupted and to make space for new things. Before we can grow, we must be OPEN.
Join us on a journey to find the key that will OPEN new doors in a future that is full of possibility and hope. Doors that lead to a vision that will have great impact on the lives of people for generations to come. Most of all, be open to where God might be calling you to go in your faith.
All that is required of you is a willingness to be OPEN. Are you ready?