“During our six-day drive across the country, moving from San Francisco to Saint Louis, my husband and I made a commitment to continue to grow our faith together as a couple, and we decided to look for a church where we could feel accepted for who we are. When we walked into The Gathering, we immediately felt so welcomed. The sermon seemed to be sending a message directly to us. During this first visit, I remember meeting one of the pastors who asked me about ME. I shared my background as a Christian singer in Brazil, and she told me that she was a missionary in Mozambique, where the primary language is Portuguese. Immediately we started speaking in Portuguese -- another signal that I was welcome as I am! The people and the Pastors made me feel as if I had been a part of their church family for a long time. From that point forward, we have not looked back and The Gathering remains our church. Pastor Matt Miofsky performed our wedding and a few days later he introduced me to Ryan Hebel, sharing my passion for singing. The Gathering has given me the opportunity to connect with music again while serving God and my church. Since that time, my soul feels so grateful and confident. Even when I feel limited, singing fills me as I deliver the message of God through my gift. Because of The Gathering, I know that God loves me exactly how I am. I love having The Gathering as my family in God.” -- Sergio Marques