Who We Are


In 2006, The Gathering was founded by Matt Miofsky out of a belief that church could be different and a deep desire to make a significant impact on our city. In the last decade, this vision has come to life, bringing new generations of people together to serve and worship Jesus Christ.

The Gathering is a growing, thriving church with multiple sites throughout the St. Louis area. Our invitational spirit is behind everything we do — all are welcome. At The Gathering, you’ll be welcomed just as you are, but we will challenge you to grow. You will experience meaningful worship, relevant teaching, and inspiring creativity. CoreGroups, our name for small groups, are where you will meet friends, grow in your faith, and find purpose and meaning. You will meet amazing kids and students of all ages who are learning first hand what it means to follow Jesus. You will be part of something bigger than yourself as we work together to impact our city and our world. We invite you to check us out and see for yourself.

Everyone is welcome.

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