Praxis: Deepen Your Faith

About Praxis

Praxis is an experiential series focused on three specific areas of Christian formation including, the Bible, prayer, and leadership. Too often Christianity is summed up by what we believe. In reality, it is actually more about what we do. Christians are called to be practitioners, but many are left wondering how to translate their beliefs into action. That’s where Praxis comes in. Think of it as a masterclass on key components of faith meeting hands-on training allowing you to more effectively practice your faith in daily life. All Praxis experiences are rooted in skills to engage your head, your heart, and your hands. It will encourage, prepare, and launch you into the world to be who God has called you to be.

The core Praxis topics are taught in 4-6 week sessions (or retreat-style). Praxis kicks off each spring with sessions relating to the Bible during the Lenten season. Sessions on prayer occur during the summer months, and we round out the year in the fall focusing on Christian leadership. You can sign up for all three series sessions or focus on an individual core topic.  It’s ok if you can’t commit to every session within a series! We believe that you’ll get the most out of each series by attending all of the sessions, but you are welcome to attend according to your schedule.
Leadership for Followers
October 6 - November 3
Thursdays, 7-8:30 pm
Clayton Site (101 N Bemiston Ave, Clayton, MO 63105)
Virtual option available

Knowing and understanding our God-given leadership abilities helps us to be our most authentic selves in the world and invite others to know Jesus. The Enneagram, a system of personality typing, can help us learn more about our leadership style and uncover patterns in how we interpret the world and manage our emotions. It shows us that our lens isn't the only valid way of seeing things, and helps us better value others' perspectives leading to more productive and fruitful interactions.

In Praxis: Leadership for Followers, we will look closely at the Enneagram and how knowing your type can guide you in all of your leadership roles - whether in the workplace, in the home, in a volunteer capacity, or in your social circles. Everyone is a leader in some capacity and can be transformed by learning about the Enneagram.
Week 1: Gathering Staff Enneagram Panel
What better way to get started learning about the Enneagram  than with some of your favorite pastors and staff members? Hear from Lead Pastor Matt Miofsky, Young Adult Pastor Madi Denton and others regarding how their Enneagram type shapes their identity and spiritualty, and how knowing each others’ types can help build a better team. Who knows - a few fun quirks may even be revealed!

Weeks 2-4: Enneagram expert, Elisabeth Wurm, will lead us through the Three Centers of Enneagram Intelligence - Heart (Feeling), Head (Thinking), and Gut (Doing). What is a head and heart without a body, or a body and a head without a heart? The Enneagram teaches us that most rely on a specific Intelligence Center, while neglecting the others. Yet, all three of these God-given Intelligence Centers need to work in harmony for us to be integrated and whole. During these weeks, you’ll learn how to identify your primary Intelligence Center, and what that means for leadership. You’ll also learn helpful tips to better incorporate the other Intelligence Centers into your leadership decisions and skills set.

Week 5: We’ll put everything together. Looking more deeply at our own Enneagram numbers, we’ll compare notes and identify how best to move forward with the knowledge of our own types.

About Elisabeth Wurm
Elisabeth Wurm is a Leadership Coach and Founder of Not Just Enneacoach, offering Enneagram-infused coaching & group workshops for artists, leaders, and organizations.

Her specialty topics include incorporating the Enneagram into theatre arts, improvisation, chronic illness, mindfulness, and defensive mechanisms. She earned an MA in Theatre from Fontbonne University, focusing her thesis on the Enneagram as a Tool for Leadership in the Arts. Elisabeth is Dare to Lead™ Trained and a Professional Member of the International Enneagram Association.