Racial & Social Justice

The Gathering actively and intentionally works daily to become an anti-racist church.

White supremacy remains one of the most powerful false idols in our country. It doesn’t reflect God’s kingdom, impedes our ability to share the gospel, and is in direct competition with Jesus’ intention to reign as supreme Lord of our lives.  As disciples of Christ we must resist and eliminate the power of racism over our lives and our church.

The Gathering uses teachings firmly rooted in the Gospel to:

  • Expose, confess, and lament the sins of racism and white supremacy and weaken their power.
  • Recognize, identify, and dismantle white supremacy and racism within The Gathering as an institution and within the hearts of our members.
  • Educate and equip people to actively fight racism and white supremacy out in the world.

This is the only way we can fulfill our mission to invite people to become deeply committed followers of Christ and be a place where, together as a community, we are growing in our discipleship of Jesus.

We recognize that we have a long way to go before our vision to fully eliminate racism and white supremacy is fully realized. This work takes different forms. We have offered many opportunities for small group study of many of the books below and each year we partner with the YWCA to offer Witnessing Whiteness to cohorts of Gathering members. 

Recommended Books

I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown
The Color of Compromise by Jemar TIsby
How to Fight Racism by Jemar TIsby
Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison
White Lies by Daniel Hill

Relevant Sermons

St. Louis Organizations

Action St. Louis 
Action St. Louis was born out of the Ferguson Uprisings of 2014. Initially organized as a coalition, Action’s history is rooted in collective direct action against systemic racism and state violence.
American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri
To defend civil liberties and the principles of equality and justice in Missouri through litigation, legislative and public education programs.
Anti-Racist Collective – ARC
To become a force for mutual work among whites doing anti-racist organizing in ongoing, multiracial, multinational movement-building.
Arch City Defenders, Inc.
To provide holistic legal advocacy and combat the criminalization of poverty and state violence against poor people and people of color.
Casa De Salud
To facilitate and deliver high quality clinical and mental health services for uninsured and underinsured patients, focusing on new immigrants and refugees who encounter barriers to accessing other sources of care.
Catholic Racial Justice Collaborative
Encourages Catholic faith communities to challenge and own the history of racism in the church and community, to engage in the difficult conversation around race, and to participate in action for racial justice in the wider community. It is our spiritual duty to combat the sin of personal and institutional racism.
Non-partisan organization for women and their allies aiming to empower the St. Louis community in the fight for social justice, people of color, LGBTQIA individuals, those with diverse religious convictions, those with disabilities, the economically disadvantaged and survivors of sexual assault.
Diversity Awareness Partnership
DAP is a catalyst to increase awareness, facilitate engagement and provide education about diversity and inclusion.
Forward Through Ferguson
We believe St. Louis can become a region that is Racially Equitable—a state in which life outcomes are no longer predictable by race.
Hands Up United
Collective of politically engaged minds building towards the liberation of oppressed Black, Brown and poor people through education, art, civil disobedience, advocacy and agriculture.
Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis
Understanding, respect and appreciation among all persons across lines of religious difference.
International Institute St. Louis
To help immigrants and their families be productive Americans and to champion ethnic diversity as a cultural and economic strength.
League of Women Voters
To encourage the informed and active participation in government, work to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influence public policy through education and advocacy.
Metropolitan Congregation United St. Louis
To foster a belief that individually and together congregations have a right and responsibility to act for the common good for the surrounding community.
National Conference for Community & Justice
To promote inclusion for all people.
National Council of Jewish Women
Inspired by Jewish values, to strive for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and to safeguard individual rights and freedoms.
OCA St. Louis Chapter
To advance the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States.
Organization for Black Struggle
To build a movement that fights for political empowerment, economic justice and the cultural dignity of the African-American community, especially the Black working class.
Women in Transition
To assist women in the criminal justice system because change is possible.
Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice
To identify, research and discuss critical issues; to mobilize, energize and inspire ourselves and others to action; to work as individuals and in community for social justice.
YWCA - Witnessing Whiteness Program
To provide a space for white people to discuss racism using the book of the same name in 10 sessions.