ThirdPlace is a faith community for the believer, the contemplator and the non-believer. 

We’re a place for people who find themselves in transitional, “third spaces” of life: students and recent graduates, career transitions, newfound independence, singles and new families, navigating self-discovery.
From breweries to coffee shops, ThirdPlace engages faith conversations where they’re already happening – not a church building, not work, and not at home. We’re stepping out of traditional spaces to engage spirituality on neutral ground, as our full, authentic selves.




A place for the skeptic and spiritually interested, those with hurt, those reconstructing and deconstructing their faith.
A place that centers the radically inclusive and affirming, justice-seeking, and grace-extending Jesus we find in scripture. Celebrates and welcomes all who have experienced life from the margins
A place that offers a fresh take on the concept of church through local partnerships and centering authentic connection.

" Third Place is a space where I can explore life’s big questions and what faith means to me, and has brought connection and fellowship to my life, which has been invaluable! "

– Claire Gunn

ThirdPlace Happenings

Site Interest Meetings

Welcome to ThirdPlace! We are looking to expand and become a new site in Midtown! We're hosting an interest meeting on July 31 at 5 pm at our Clayton site. Join us to learn more about who we are, what we're about, and how you can get involved.

ThirdPlace CoreGroups

We believe in forming connections through community. That’s where groups come in. CoreGroups meet in various ThirdPlaces all week long for reflection, spiritual growth and relationship.

ThirdPlace Pop Ups

We’re constantly popping up around town! From Easter egg hunts at Bar-K, to spontaneous thrift shops supporting local non-profits, there is always something happening. Keep up with our social media to know when and where we’re popping up next.
ThirdPlace is currently sponsored by WellBeing Brewing Co., a local Non-Alcoholic Craft Brewing company.  
We are constantly seeking partnerships with local businesses and organizations in our community. If interested in partnering, please email Madi below.

Madi Denton

Young Adults Pastor
Meet Madi! You can usually find her at a coffee shop, reading a good book, or at the park with her dogs, Maisey and Oscar. A seminary student, Madi is studying for a Master of Divinity and Master of Social Justice and Ethics. She loves experiencing God in the real-ness of life, and helping others do the same. She is always down for a conversation over coffee - so reach out and say hey!

" I grew up in a Christian faith tradition in which any doubts or questions about God, faith, or anything like that were frowned upon and most often ignored.  Third place is great in that it is a place where I can exist with my questions about God and faith and I am not looked down upon or judged. Instead it is a community of people who share these thoughts and allow me to have my own faith experience, which I think is so important."

– Abby Fluegge

Connect with ThirdPlace

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