ThirdPlace is a faith community for the believer, the curious, and the questioning.

We’re a place for young adults navigating life’s “third spaces”: 
college students, recent graduates, entering new careers, starting families,  singles, newly independent, navigating self-discovery.

From breweries to coffee shops, ThirdPlace engages faith conversations where they’re already happening – not a church building, not work, and not at home. We’re stepping out of traditional spaces to engage spirituality on neutral ground, as our full, authentic selves.

ThirdPlace  Happenings


The Gathering began out of a belief that church could be different. This vision continues to evolve, constantly welcoming new people to serve and worship Jesus Christ in our city and beyond.

Since the beginning, The Gathering has strived to be a church for all people. Intentional allyship with the LGBTQ+ community, focused outreach in literacy, and structure that embraces doubts and questions are some of the ways we live out our commitment to follow Jesus.


Until then, this spring and summer we’re popping up in various venues downtown to worship together. There will be music, a message from our Young Adults Pastor Madi Denton, and an invitation to stick around and socialize after service.

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We believe in forming connections through community. That’s where groups come in. CoreGroups meet in various ThirdPlaces all week long for reflection, spiritual growth and relationship.

ThirdPLace  Socials

We LOVE a good social. ThirdPlace gets together for monthly hangouts. From game nights at Pieces Board Game Restaurant and Cafe to meals at The City Foundry, we love creating casual opportunities for you to connect. Keep up with our social media to know when and where we’re popping up next!

Connect With ThirdPlace.

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