Families supporting
LGBTQ+ persons

What is Green Light?

We believe you can be a person of faith AND fully support your LGBTQ+ family member.

At The Gathering, we want to offer you support and resources as you grow in understanding what faithful acceptance can mean.

The Gathering is Here to Help You

Making the shift from an anti-LGBTQ+ framework of faith to one of faithful acceptance can be difficult, but it can lead to healing, connection, and a new appreciation of the grace and love of God.  If you’re looking for further help regarding how to faithfully love and support your LGBTQ+ child or family member, we invite you to connect with a member of our Emerge ministry and explore the family resources by using the links below.

It is our deepest desire to be a place of of love, support, and healing. Whether through prayer, sharing resources, or making space for connection and conversation, we are here for you.

Where to begin? 

You're Not Alone

If you're the parent or family member of someone who identifies as LGBTQ+, we hope that this video encourages you. As Mike will tell you, you are not alone. There are other people of faith on journeys similar to your own, and we'd love to see you connected with them.

Change is a Process

Coming out is a process of reorientation and change, and not only for LGBTQ+ persons! Parents and families also go through their own process of change, one that can at times involve grieving former expectations and learning to embrace new possibilities. If you’ve experienced this yourself, we hope that these videos have helped you to know that others are also taking similar steps.

Nothing to Fix

There is no need to choose between your faith and your LGBTQ+ family member. Even so, emotions can feel all over the place as parents and families navigate their experiences of fear and uncertainty, changing expectations, and finally coming to a place of acceptance of those they love. In the end, rather than everything falling apart, a loving and supportive family can discover that there is actually nothing to fix.

It's All About Love

When a child comes out as LGBTQ+, the question faced by many parents and families has nothing to do with whether or not they can continue to love their child. Instead, they often wrestle with how to reconcile the love that they have for their child with what they have been taught in church about LGBTQ+ persons. In this video, Kimberly and Philip share their journey of discovery regarding what the Bible and Jesus actually have to say about supporting LGBTQ+ persons.


LGBTQ+ & Allies Ministry

The Gathering welcomes and affirms LGBTQ+ persons and invites all to participate in every aspect of our ministry. What binds us together at The Gathering is our desire to follow Christ together. We celebrate our diversity as a reflection of God’s creation and invite you, whatever your sexual orientation or your gender identity, to join us just as you are.