Advent Devotional - Day 21

Saturday, December 19
2 Corinthians 6:8-10

Could experiencing joy really be a choice? Is it a posture of our heart? Is it based on the hand we think we think life dealt us? Are there personality types that make some people more prone to finding joy than others? Is joy part of God’s plan?

Father Richard Rohr said, “Whatever is received is received according to the manner of the receiver.” This concept revolutionized my awareness and sense of responsibility as a receiver. For example, Receiver A receives a $500 Christmas bonus with deep gratitude while Receiver B is unimpressed and expected more. Same generous gift with different perspectives and responses. We subconsciously make this decision daily with everything we process.

In this passage, Paul and friends experienced various types of tribulation, dishonor, abuse, and poverty. Yet, Paul stated they had everything. Everything! They joyfully and lovingly served God and God’s people. Did you notice that verse ten mentioned their hearts ached AND they experienced joy? How is this possible? The answer lies within the manner in which they loved, served, and received from God. Paul also mentions joy being one of the “Fruits of the Spirit” as an attribute of living in accord with God.

It is compelling! During this season, may we examine the manner in which we receive and its’ correlation to joy.

God, you are my ____________________________ source of joy.

Help me examine the manner in which I receive ______________.

I would like to be more__________________________________.

In this passage, Paul teaches me ____________________________.

I praise you for bringing joy into my life through _____________.

I love that you are ______________________________________.

I can experience both heartache and joy because You ___________.

Thank you for being  ____________________________________.


Reflection by Dallis Meyer

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