Day 7

Wednesday, February 24
Exodus 5:1-6:27

You know the saying -- “things are gonna get worse before they get better.” We all experience this reality from time to time. In fact, this is the very reason I’ve been putting off cleaning out the refrigerator! But whether it’s tackling an unpleasant project, or facing a significant change in our lives, we may have to endure a period of worsening circumstances. I cringe when I think about how Moses must have felt. He was trying to follow God’s call. He was being obedient. And yet, he had made matters worse. His audience with Pharoah resulted in the unbearable treatment of the very people he was trying to help. I can imagine that he both felt guilty and duped. We can hear the frustration in his voice when he asks God, “Is this why you sent me, to actually bring trouble upon my people?”

This scripture marks the beginning of a significant change for the Israelite people. Moses was initiating God’s plan to free the Israelites from slavery and bring them to their promised land. But things were going to get worse before they got better. And when they did, Moses began to doubt. He let the circumstances of the people inform his understanding of God instead of letting God inform how he would respond to the circumstances. But God, in infinite patience, reminded him of two things: “I am the LORD” and “I made a promise to my people”.

God’s promise to the Israelites was to free them from slavery and make them a great nation. God’s promise to us is even greater -- a transformed life through Christ. Transformation isn’t instantaneous and it isn’t easy. In fact, it’s likely things will get worse before they get better. When we are trying to make a change and things get worse, it can lead to self doubt. Like Moses we might let our circumstances inform who God is instead of letting God inform how we should respond to our circumstances.  But when we focus on God’s promises we will find the strength and courage to stay the course.

Holy God, I pray for the following graces: that I might truly desire a transformed life, that I will have the courage to follow you even in times of difficulty, and that I will experience a deep knowing that you are with me...always.

Reflection by Sabra Engelbrecht

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