Day 8

Thursday, February 25
Exodus 6:28-8:32

Um, plagues? I have to admit, it took me a moment to wrap my head and heart around this long passage. I confess that my reflection led me to my own refusal, rejections, and stubbornness.

Pharaoh digs his heels in. Scripture says this was in part God’s doing. Despite Moses asking for time off to worship, for example, Pharaoh refuses.  This entire passage is an illustration how pride and obstinance could show up in the world and in our bodies.

I have been known to hold on to grudges and to stay narrowly focused on my point of view. Part of my salvation journey has been softening my heart, being more open to diverse views, and not seeing life as a competition that I must win.

As we embark on this Lenten journey, let us pray to hear and seek God. And when we hear, to act in accordance to what we’ve heard. I would never say I know better than God, however my actions often relayed an I-got-this-and-I-don’t-need-you sentiment, when I’m not careful, listening, and following those nudges. Friends, this still happens. I’m not exempt.

Through the plagues, God demonstrates God’s power in the face of Pharaoh. God shows us that God is mighty and powerful and worthy of our trust, reliance and surrender.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for making me so strong, so smart, and so capable. However, there is no strength greater than yours and no wisdom more than you.I re-commit my ways to you, O God. I pray for strength to slow down and listen. I desire this 40-day journey to chip away at my stubbornness, hyper focus and over competitive attitude. Soften my heart. Remind me I am yours and I am loved. Sit me down to reflect on my stiff ways and how they stifle my relationship with you and others. I’m willing, I really am. Amen.

Reflection by Rev. Charity Goodwin
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