Day 21

Friday, March 12
Exodus 33-34

I have a couple of friends who I have known for years, but don’t see all that often anymore. We live in different cities and juggle busy lives, so we don’t talk as often as we once did. When we do reconnect, though, we get deep in a hurry. We talk for hours and cover every topic under the sun.

I bring this up, because this is how Moses and God’s conversation in these two chapters feels to me. Things were busy, what with leading a nation through the wilderness and being the God of the universe. We see things go seriously off the rails with the golden calf. The time had come for Moses and God to reconnect just like friends who have gone a little too long between checking in.

Now I don’t have many friends who only show me their backside, lest I fall over dead at the sight of their face. We can relate to parts of this conversation, though. God acknowledges the pre-existing relationship with Moses. There is a trust built on intimate knowledge of one another. Moses challenges God, asking a few questions I’m not sure I’d be bold enough to pose. God is even willing to forgive Moses, and the people of Israel he represents, and reestablish their covenant relationship.

At the end of this incredible conversation we get a glimpse of how a one-on-one with God can impact a person. Much like the lightness and joy that can come from catching up with a good friend, Moses is described as shining. His face is glowing and everyone can see it.

The trust, honesty, comfort, and grace we see between Moses and God may have been exclusive during the time of Exodus, but it is open to anyone today. Moses was the first mediator between God and the people, but he wasn’t the last. Eventually Jesus would come to serve as our gateway to God. With Jesus comes an invitation to our own close relationship with God.

I pray that your relationship with God can look like a close friendship. I hope you can find time to catch up and connect. And I hope that afterwards your face will shine for everyone to see.

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