Day 26

Thursday, March 18
Job 3

Have you ever been annoyed with God? God, when I prayed that you would help me find a job, I didn’t mean a job that would require me to move my family across the country…

Have you ever been upset with God? God, I know Mimi was 92 years old, but she was still leading a meaningful life -- why did she have to die so suddenly?

Have you ever been angry with God?

I’ve led a pretty charmed life by most standards. I’ve praised God, asked God for help, pleaded for his divine intervention, and laid my sadness and grief at his feet, but I’ve never raged against him. So, when I read Job’s lament, I cringe.

His anger is sharp. He doesn’t hold back. His words are uncensored. He doesn’t offer up words of displeasure--he hurls his prayer at God as if he’s throwing punches. It’s a bold move.

Surely after such a display God will punish Job, or at least be apathetic to his plight? But, who can blame him? Mourning the loss of his livestock, servants, and children, as he’s covered in agonizing sores.

But, God doesn’t punish Job for his outburst, and he doesn’t forsake him. Our God is bigger than our anger. He can handle it.

In fact, I think he prefers our anger to our indifference. Job could have laid in a miserable heap and turned his back on God. He could have turned to his remaining friends and family for help. He could have turned to other gods and idols. But, he didn’t. He may have been angry, but he was faithful.

We’re faithful when we bring our whole selves to God - our joyful, radiant, “thank you God for this day!” selves, as well as our angry, furious, ranting “how could you do this to me?!” selves. Our prayers don’t need to sound pious, eloquent, or polished. They don’t need to be a stripped-down “PG” version of what we’re feeling. When we are authentic with God, we open ourselves up to a more intimate and closer relationship with him.

Try this the next time you talk with God: instead of constructing and editing the words that come out of your mouth (or in your head), say what comes to mind first. Don’t overthink it. Just say it. Even if it sounds too casual, silly, disrespectful, or bold. The worst that could happen is that you may find yourself with a stronger, more authentic relationship with the God who already knows you and loves you just as you are.

Reflection by Amy Sanders

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