Day 37

Wednesday, March 31
Mark 14:3-11

We are getting closer to the cross, friends.

In 1999 I preached my first sermon. I did not know the full weight nor joy of being a woman in ministry.  Today I am honored to serve in the line of women who’ve gone before me. Even, this unnamed woman who anoints Jesus. She is unnamed like too many women in scripture, however she performs a meaningful act. Blessing Jesus before his death is important to note.

Since we know how the story ends, recall that the women who run to the tomb to anoint his body for burial - do not find him there. So, this selfless, sincere and expensive act of gratitude, honor, and care is to be praised, as Jesus says.

As we remember Jesus in the passover meal that is to come, we also remember this woman and all the women who give high-priced offerings to Jesus - from raising children in faith, opening their homes in hospitality, leading in boardrooms with hearts turned toward God, women who struggle to believe, those who serve,  and every woman who responds to Jesus by giving themselves to him and in service to the Good News.

In her song Alabaster Box, CeCe Winans uses a different version of this scripture. However, one of the lines that sticks with me is “you don’t know the cost of the oil in my alabaster box.” We all have an oil or perfume to pour out. It’s worth can only be determined by you and Jesus. Not onlookers, family, friends, not even the church. You know what your praise, your offering means. And today God receives your gifts of praise, glory and hallelujah.

Reflection by Rev. Charity Goodwin
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