Summer Discussion Guide

Summer Discussion Guide

Check-In Questions
In this and every season CoreGroups are meant to be a place of connection. Start off your meeting with some time checking-in and giving group members time to share what is going on in their lives.
  • Go around the circle and share one high point and one low point from your week.
  • Where have you seen God this week?

Sermon Discussion Questions
Talking about the sermon is a great way to go deeper and learn from other’s perspectives. These questions are meant to be prompts for your discussion. You don’t need to get through all of them every week, follow where the conversation leads.
  • What was the topic of this week’s sermon?
  • What stuck out to you?
  • What parts of the sermon did you find encouraging? What parts of the sermon did you find challenging?
  • Were there any parts you disagreed with? Tell us about that.
  • How will you incorporate what you learned or what we talked about this week into your life?

Prayer Time
Make sure to make time for prayer during your meeting. Whether you take prayer requests and pray through them in the moment, or have another way of prayer together this is an important part of your meeting. Take as much time as needed here.

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