M-Note 11.3.2021

3 Ways A Group Will Change Your Life

by Matt Miofsky
The author of Ecclesiastes writes,
 Also, one can be overpowered, but two together can put up resistance. A three-ply cord doesn't easily snap. (Eccl. 4.12)
Tradition teaches that these words were written by King Solomon after a lifetime of learning lessons the hard way. One of those lessons is that isolation can kill us. We need other people – for strength, support, healing, and growth. Two are stronger than one, but even better is a group. We don’t have to struggle alone. That is why The Gathering believes so strongly in being part of a group -- here we call them CoreGroups. 

There are three ways in which a group will change your life.
1.     You grow by talking about your faith
So much of our growth in faith is done through listening – we listen to sermons, music, scripture. We read books that teach us and listen to podcasts that inform us. But, what most of us don’t spend much time doing is actually talking through what we think about it all. A CoreGroup gives you a chance to practice processing what you are thinking and feeling about faith.
2.     You find spiritual community
A lot of us have people around us – family, coworkers, friends, a book group, etc. But when it comes to faith, how many people can you really talk with? Who will pray for you? When do you ever sit down and connect based on a common desire to follow Jesus? Not often. A Coregroup gives you the chance to gather with people who want to follow Jesus more faithfully, something that doesn’t happen with many other groups we are in.
3.     You get the chance to practice what we preach
Scripture has a lot of references to what we are supposed to do for “one another”. Pray for one another, encourage one another, care for one another, show hospitality to one another, etc. Faith is something we do with others. It isn’t just between you and God. A group gives you the chance to be both the person offering and receiving support, encouragement, and prayer. Offering these things to one another is one of the ways we actually practice the faith we read and talk about.

If you aren’t in a group and want to try one, I have a perfect opportunity for you. In November, we are starting several new EXPLORE groups. These are 5 week groups that give you a taste of what it is like to gather with others. You will have a chance to learn more about our church, connect with some of our staff, and meet other people. If you are newer to The Gathering or just want to try out a group, please join us for an EXPLORE group. You can find out more and sign up on The Gathering app under events or on the website here.
Before I go, this weekend is an important one for The Gathering. I will be continuing our series OPEN and will be talking specifically about what The Gathering hopes to do over the next two years. We will be talking all about vision, and I would love to have you there, in-person or online. See you this weekend!
P.S. Don’t forget that you get to sleep an extra hour this weekend. Set those clocks back, and I will see you in worship. It should be no problem getting up!
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