Day 7

Mystery of the Future

Day 7
Saturday, December 4

“But nobody knows when the day or hour will come, not the heavenly angels and not the Son. Only the Father knows.”

Matthew 24:36

In an instant gratification society, one where I can have anything I want delivered to me anytime I demand it, I can FaceTime with anyone I want at any time and have Google answer any question I could possibly think of, waiting and patience doesn’t come easy. The mystery of the future makes me uncomfortable. I want to know if the love of my life will come knocking on my door or if I am going to get that big promotion at work, but that information is God’s alone to know. My responsibility is to stay in the moment and embrace whatever path God might have for me. Today I will work to lean in and enjoy the now and leave the mystery of the future to God.

Heavenly Father, today I will remind myself to be grateful that you keep the future a mystery to me. I pray that I will focus on enjoying the now, and trust you with the future. Amen.

Reflection by Seth Botts

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