Day 8

The Best Kiss in the History of the World

Day 8
Sunday, December 5

“Faithful love and truth have met;
righteousness and peace have kissed.
Truth springs up from the ground;
righteousness gazes down from heaven.”

Psalm 85:10-11

A really great kiss is hard to describe, but you know it when it happens. Jesus is the perfect embodiment of God, hard to describe, but impossible to miss. The final verse in the Gospel of John tells us that there aren’t enough books to contain all the things Jesus did. Love, truth, righteousness, and peace all come together in the person of Jesus, while the rest of us long for just one of those to be make known throughout our lives. As we wait for the birth of Jesus of Christmas Day, be on the lookout for signs of love, truth, righteousness, and peace amidst the chaos of our world.

God, in you we find love, truth, righteousness, and peace. It is easy to find hate, lies, injustice, and conflict in our world. Help us to do the difficult work of finding and celebrating signs of your spirit all around us. Amen.

Reflection by Denee Bowers

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