Not Everything is a Sign // M-Note 1.20.23

This week, a friend of mine called to talk through a tough decision. This person was offered a job in a new city. There was a long list of pros and cons to saying yes, and the person really wanted to make a God-led decision. As we talked about it, the person confessed. It isn’t always easy to tell what is the Holy Spirit and what is just me!
Over the years, one of the top questions I receive is about this struggle. When it comes to decisions in our life, how do we know if we are following God’s will or just our own (sometimes selfish) desires? Are there ways to know what God would want us to do? If we see something pointing in a certain direction, how do we know it is a sign from God? All of this is essential to decision making and inviting God into the decisions of our life. God cares about all these parts of our life - everything from fairly small decisions like how to spend our money or who to hang out with, to big decisions like where to live, who to be in a relationship with, or what job to take.
This weekend, we’re continuing our series Signs and Wonders: Seeing God in Everyday Life. I am going to talk about a very practical and accessible way to make decisions in your life that are consistent with what God wants for you. It is going to be a message that you can immediately put to use, especially if you are in the midst of a big choice in your life. It is also a great weekend to invite a friend who might be trying to make a decision. I promise you that they will come away with a message that is directly relevant to their life.
So far this year, we have twice broken attendance records at each of our sites since the pandemic. I look forward to continuing that trend as we gather to worship. So, I hope to see you, and I encourage you to bring a few friends along, as well. Have a great weekend, and I will see you Sunday.
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