5 Relationships Kids Need from the Church

5 Relationships Kids Need From The Church

  1. Intergenerational Relationships
    • Us older people are fascinating to kids. We are the carriers of the answers to all their questions of “Why?”.  We are the tellers of amazing stories. We are the keepers of the boundaries that help them stay safe. We are the window into what being a grown up looks like.  For all those reasons and more, kids need spaces where they can lean into older trusted adults.
  2. Consistent Relationships
    • G.I. Joe got it wrong. Knowing isn’t half the battle…Showing up is. Our presence and attention is truly at the heart of what our kids long for. It doesn’t even matter what we’re doing with them as long as we are truly with them on a regular basis. They love to know we are there.  Let's show up!
  3. Authentic Relationships
    • They need us to be real with them. They need us to be real with God in front of them. It’s good for kids to know we struggle, have questions and ultimately trust God through it all. This life isn’t always easy, so it’s great for kids to know they can count on us as an example of how to handle it all.
  4. Exciting Relationships
    • If it doesn't involve giggles, screaming, jumping and a slight bit of risk…then they aren’t interested. Lucky for us, God can deliver on all of those things. Following God is a wild ride, and it’s important that we bring kids along for the journey.  
  5. Simple Relationships
    • Kids aren’t interested in the details of faith like so many adults seem to be. They need to know they are loved by God. They need to know they carry that love inside of them. They need to know that God is accessible and ready to hear from them. Anything beyond that is just a bit too much.

Our willingness to be in the lives of kids within our church is the epitome of what it means to create a Christian community for new generations.  So I'm curious...are you open to creating such a community?
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