5 Benefits to Embracing Your Uncertainty of God

5 Benefits to Embracing Your Uncertainty of God

Confused on what you think or believe about God? Not sure about faith? Yep, we get it. 

There are so many nuances to God. So many claims about God. Not to mention, the oh-so-many followers that make our all-loving God seem most questionable at times.

Maybe being unsure about God is healthy. Maybe it's the certainty of God that should cause us to flee. Maybe it’s time to embrace uncertainty.

Reframe your uncertainty: Opportunities for growth

Here are 5 Benefits To Embracing Your Uncertainty Of God that might just make God more approachable in the end.

1. Your questions expand God's potential

That's right. While God's capabilities are limitless, humans have a tendency to believe they fully understand the magnitude of God. Being uncertain is actually a sign of humility. Saying, "I don't know", may just be evidence that God is bigger than we are comfortable with. Honestly, I think that's an appropriate stance when considering an almighty God.

2. You begin to see what's possible

When you aren't fully confident that God is at work in any given situation, it allows you to see the miraculous world happen in the ordinary occurrences of everyday life. Instead of seeing a cancer patient as an opportunity for God to show off through a miraculous healing, your uncertainty allows you to see the miracle more fully.

There is miraculous value in a doctor working tirelessly on the child's behalf, or family being surrounded and served by their loved ones, or even every precious breath that we take as we explore the delicate blessing of life. I'd argue that we often miss the greatest miracles of God by being too certain that we understand Him.

3. You are free from expectations

Full confidence in anyone or anything carries a ton of weight with it. To be 100% sure that God exists, or even acts, comes with a long list of expectations for God. We can spend so much time looking for God on the move that it may bring on anxiety or insecurity when things don't quite happen as we expect.

Have you ever found yourself saying something like, "Where were you on that one, God?" Uncertainty takes the burden of expectation away. It allows us to embrace God in the unknown.

4. You're free to believe

Certainty doesn't require much belief. Plain and simple. It's evidence based. Believing, on the other hand, is fun! Believing is inspirational! Believing is complimentary! Being unsure of God leaves you open to belief!

5. It keeps you in the game.

There's a big difference between, "I'm not sure" and "I don't believe." Being free to be uncertain is absolutely a good thing. So go on...be unsure. Question God. Open yourself to the possibility that God just might look different than some people describe. In doing so, you just may find a more expansive understanding of divine love.

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